Day 2 Agenda

The following agenda will take up a whole day and will be in English. There will be plenty of breaks, social time and lunch will be provided.

Agenda for the day:

Suitable for: Technical Managers, Developers, Digital Marketing
Focus: Building a successful online business
0900-0930: Registration, Coffee, Snacks
0930-1000: Keynote 
1000-1100: Adwords & Adsense - Advertise and make money
1100-1115 Break
1115-1200: Google Analytics & Website Optimizer - the importance of testing 
1200-1300: Search 101 - a great website is nothing without search results
1300-1400: Lunch
1400-1500: Knol & Blogger - if you know stuff, tell people
1500-1530: Google Apps
1530-1600: Break
1600-1800: VC+Entrepreneur Session

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