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Classroom Resources: Lesson Plan Library

We're looking for lesson plans for this library. Have a Google Earth lesson plan that you'd like to share with others?  

The Google Earth Lesson Plan Library

If you're looking for a lesson plan, you can easily incorporate Google Earth into your curriculum with these classroom-ready lesson plans:

Geography - Scavenger Hunt of Physical Features, Grade 2
History - Scavenger Hunt of Capital Cities, Grade 5
History and Math - Presidential Homes, Grade 5
History - Renaissance, Grade 7
Science - Solar System, Grade 5
Science - Animal Habitats, Grade 3
Science - Food Chains, Grade 6
Science - Plate Tectonics, Grade 6

Also make sure to check out more lesson plans found within the Projects for My Subject page of this site.

 Other Resources for Google Earth Lesson Plans

While we build up our lesson plan library, we encourage you to visit other sites we know of such as:

New! Impact of Climate Change with Kofi Annan
GE Lessons
Scholastic Explore Your Earth
Flying Through the Crusades
Google Earth Education Community
Teaching Physics with Google Maps
Pedagogy in Action: Teaching with Google Earth
My Fresh Plans: Google Earth and Your Community
Encylopedia of Life's Google Earth Species Quiz

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For more Google Apps educational resources, including video tutorials, discussion forum, community map, and news, visit the Google Apps Education Community site.