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Classroom Resources: Projects for My Subject

Below you will find ideas on popular methods to implement Google Earth in the classroom for a variety of subjects.

Biology and Ecology:
  • Track routes of chimpanzees with the Jane Godall Institute by exploring the KML from the Gombe Chimpanzee blog. Easy
  • Replace a standard lesson with a short quiz like this one that uses Google Earth to take students on a an ecology search mission. Average

Environmental and Earth Sciences:
Global Awareness:
  • Study the Crisis in Darfur with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum's unprecedented project. Easy

History, Social Studies, and Humanities:
  • Have students explore the dining customs of a variety of countries by building an International Cookbook where users virtually visit the various countries. While they’re ‘in-country” why not stop by and visit a few points of cultural interest? Easy
  • Lesson: Spring Sojourn: A lesson in Civil Rights History and Geography. Average
  • Lesson: A Place in Time with Google Tools. Explore with your students the power of images and their impact on history as they research, select and evaluate photographs in an interactive and collaborative lesson. Average
  • Lesson: A Candidate Watch with Google Tools. Lesson ideas for tracking the 2008 US Presidential campaign using Google Earth, Docs & Spreadsheets, News Archives search, and Blogger. Advanced

Art History and Architecture:
  • Search famous museums like the Louvre in Paris. Easy
  • Use Google Earth’s 3D building layer to discover key historical and modern architectural works such as the Duomo in Florence, Italy or the Washington Monument, in Washington DC. Average

English and Literature:
  • Use real-time coordinates to demonstrate distance calculations and verify the results using our measurement tools. Average
  • Calculate the volume of the Great Pyramids and estimate the land area lost to Amazon deforestation. Advanced
  • Explore distance, velocity, and wave properties of tsunamis by looking at the Figi Island Tsunami within Google Earth. Advanced