Google Earth Pro Grants for Educators

The free version of Google Earth has most of the features that schools and institutions need to create Google Earth layers and other content.

Google Earth EDU now grants Google Earth Pro licenses to qualifying institutions who demonstrate a compelling need for the advanced features of Google Earth Pro.

The advanced features of Google Earth Pro include: If you do not have specific need for one or more of these features, the free version of Google Earth will suit your needs. Download Google Earth now and get started.

We have found that academic institutions for higher education, computer labs, and professional schools most often have use for the professional version of Google Earth.

If you believe your institution would benefit from using Google Earth Pro, please download the free 7-day trial to become more familiar with the product. 
Please note that this step is required if you intend to apply for a Pro Grant.

Eligibility Requirements

  • A .edu e-mail address strongly preferred
  • Public schools, 501(c)3 educational institutions, or for-profit charter schools
  • A compelling reason for needing one or more of the Google Earth Pro features
  • Applicants must be teachers or school administrators (no individual student grants)
The Google Earth Pro Grants program for Educators reserves the right to grant to or reject any organizations at Google's discretion.

To gauge whether or not your school is eligible to apply for the Google Earth Pro grant or to begin the application process please work through our Google Earth Pro Grant Wizard.