Student Work Showcase

Teachers can submit their favorite student-created KMLs, and the selected KML’s will be showcased in this section. Submit a student-created KML.

Some of the below examples are currently displayed in the Education section of our Google Earth Gallery.

Poetry of Place - Lacey, Grade 12

Download and view in Google Earth

Lacey, a 12th grade student at The Walker School, worked with her English, history and technology teacher to explore the symbolism in various poems and how they were connected to major events in history as an independent study project. Read descriptions, see pictures, hear audio and more.

World Wide Panoramas - World Wide Panorama

Download and view in Google Earth

The World Wide Panorama team at University of California, Berkeley KML allows to explore hundreds of locations around the world. The placemarks have been geographically organized to include a preview image with a link to the panorama. From the centre of Times Square in New York City to the plight of people in Africa, see the world as a panorama.

Global Paleogeographic Views - Valery Hronusov

Download and view in Google Earth

With assistance from Dr. Ron Blakey at Northern Arizona University, Valery Hronusov created this fascinating animation of planet Earth's geological history. See how the continents were shaped into their current state with this geological animation exploring 600 million years worth of changes. Use the time slider at the top of the Google Earth client to see the continents morph and shift over time.