Google SketchUp Lesson Plans

The Google SketchUp Lesson Plan Library

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           If you're looking for ideas, you can start with SketchUp in the Classroom [PDF]

5 Cool Ideas for How to Use SketchUp in Your Classroom

            Ready to explore SketchUp? Here are some ideas of how you might want to use Google SketchUp in your classroom:

  1. Build a 3D model of your school.
  2. Use SketchUp to visualize the geometry concepts you are teaching.
  3. Create a 3D model of the California Missions and then incorporate those models into Google Earth.
  4. Have students build a model of their houses, and geo-locate them in Google Earth.
  5. When studying architecture of the past, create a 3D model of an ancient pyramid

Other Resources for Google SketchUp and Google Earth Lesson Plans

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