The Wikipedia pilot has now ended and has retired Health Speaks. To learn more the results of the pilot, please see our blogThanks to all of you who were involved especially our Top Contributors

Better health starts with better information!

Accurate, accessible health information has the power to save lives. However, millions of people around the world face a simple yet vexing barrier to getting quality health information: language. Health Speaks is an initiative to help communities overcome this obstacle by translating high-quality health information into their local languages.

Combining the power of local expertise with efficient online tools like the Google Translator Toolkit, Health Speaks aims to efficiently increase the amount of quality health information available online in local languages.

See how it works and help make health information accessible to your community!

Donations pledged

Articles that were claimed by OCT 31, 2010 and translated, published and reviewed by DEC 15, 2010 resulted in a donation to your project's regional charity. Some rules apply. Read more.

Wikipedia Pilot has now ended

The Health Speaks Wikipedia pilot has now ended. Thank you to all the members of the Health Speaks communities! We will be updating the website with the final results shortly.

Volunteers make it happen

Over 1800 people worked on the Health Speaks pilots in Arabic, Hindi and Swahili!

What is Google Translator Toolkit?

It’s a free, online translation application that makes translating faster and easier. It enables translators to apply human accuracy to text that’s been efficiently translated by machine. Read moreSee how it works.