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Health Speaks Donation Rules

  1. In connection with the Health Speaks Donation Program, Google pledges to donate 3 US cents (US$0.03) for every English word translated into Swahili, Arabic or Hindi during a sixty (60) one hundred and five (105) day eligibility period, commencing on the launch of the Health Speaks project.  Google will donate a maximum of Fifty Thousand US Dollars ($US50,000) per language for up to a maximum grand total for the project of One Hundred Fifty Thousand US Dollars ($US150,000) to non-profit organizations engaged in health or health education.
  2. In order to be eligible for a per-word donation, all translations must be performed by non-paid volunteers using the Google Translator Toolkit, translating an English source article listed in the Swahili, Arabic or Hindi language category on the Health Speaks website.
  3. Google’s total donation amount will be calculated as follows:
    1. A word count has been obtained for each English Wikipedia article on the day it was submitted to the Health Speaks project.  This word count does not include references, navigation, or table of contents, and may be approximate.
    2. Although Wikipedia articles may sometimes be modified, all English article word counts for the Health Speaks project are final and can be accessed here.
    3. Each article will go through a 2-step translation process.  One registered volunteer will make the initial translation of an article and a second and different registered volunteer will review and possibly edit the the same article.  The reviewer will assess the quality of the published translation on Wikipedia.  If the reviewer feels changes are needed to improve the translation quality or local relevance of the article, the reviewer will login to Wikipedia and make changes to the article to improve its quality.  Once the reviewer can vouch for the high quality of the article, the reviewer will sign off on that article in the correct language program's spreadsheet on this site.  Google will make only one donation for this 2-step process based on the word count of the original English language text.  Volunteers must be registered prior to translation or review for their effort to be considered towards the donation.
    4. The word count of an English source article will be added to the ‘Words Translated’ total for Swahili, Arabic or Hindi, only when an article has been translated, published to the Wikipedia page in the corresponding language, and reviewed.
  4. Using the Google Translator Toolkit, published articles will need to have a minimum of 75% human translation input.  Google will determine, at its sole discretion, if a published translation is eligible for the Donation Program.  
  5. Donations for English-Swahili translations will be made to the African Medical & Research Foundation, Inc.  Donations for English-Arabic translations will be made to the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 Foundation.  Donations for English-Hindi translations will be made to the Public Health Foundation of India.  In the event that a grant cannot be made to any one of these organizations, a grant will be given to another non-profit organization engaged in health or health education in a Swahili, Arabic or Hindi speaking country, that is approved by Tides Foundation.
  6. Each donation will be made as a one-time unrestricted grant from the Google Charitable Giving Fund at Tides Foundation, subject to a due diligence review and final approval of the Tides Foundation board.
  7. Google is not responsible for any of the translations made as part of the Health Speaks Program.
  8. All translations will be done by volunteers.  Volunteers will not receive any compensation for participating in the Health Speaks Program.  Registration on the Health Speaks webpage is required in order to participate in the program.